House Moorshead

Coat of arms: A Black Ram’s Head on White
Words: We Fear no Wolf
Seat: Blackhorn
Current Lord: Nic Moorshead
Region: The Riverlands
Title: Lord of Blackhorn
Overlord: House Tully
Ancestral Weapon: valyrian steel bastard sword (lost)
Founder: Jon the Ram
Founded: Targaryen Dynasty

House Moorshead is a minor lordly house in the Riverlands. It rules over the Moorslands near the Tumblestone river.


A hedge knight named Jon picked up a Valyrian steel weapon from a fallen knight in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. With it he stopped a rout in the opening battle of the war, winning his lordship from Aegon V. Jon was given the moorslands to rule over.
Looking to form his first alliance between a noble house, Jon married quickly. His wife was Lady Sharra from House Arryn of Gulltown.
To celebrate the birth of their first son, Jon designed lofty plans build a castle named Blackhorn. The moorlands prospered under Jon’s leadership. Sheep herds turned a large profit from cheese, wool, and mutton.
During Robert’s Rebellion, the Moorslands were ravaged by the Starks.
During 287-297, the Moorslands declined from poor harvests and diseased herds, which were later revealed to be caused by their jealous neighbors, the Dannetts.

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Recent Events.

In 297 AC, members of the house attended the Tourney for Prince Joffrey’s 12th Name Day, where they were accused of raiding the farms of their neighbors, House Dannett. The Dannett heir, Adham, was poisoned during a trial by combat, which the Moorsheads were also blamed for. The raids on Dannett lands were later revealed to have been perpetrated by Orten Lugus, as had Adham’s poisoning. When this was revealed during the trial, Orten’s brother Naton demanded a trial-by-combat to defend his family’s honor. Naton was killed and Orten escaped sentencing.

The Moorsheads attending the joust won glory for their house. Ser Merik won two trial by combats and placed in second for the joust. Squire Jonah won a tilt posing as a mystery knight against Ser Tygor Wyl. Jonah later helped Wyl avenge his father’s death and reclaim his family’s Valyrian steel sword Scorpion.

The name of House Moorshead did not escape untarnished, however. A knight sworn to the house was caught smuggling a body out of the city gates in the company of an undead creature. Septa Alanna accused House Lugus of kidnapping Iris Dannett with no proof. Maester Rudolphus was executed for sorcery and conspiring with Targaryens; a treasonable offense. Ser Merik’s squire was revealed to be a girl.

House Moorshead at the end of the third century

The known Moorsheads during the timespan of the events occurring in A Song of Ice and Fire RPG are:

  • Lord {Nolan Moorshead}, first son of Lord {Jon Moorshead}. Former Lord of Blackhorn until he died from a fall off his horse.
    . . Septa Alanna Moorshead, his widow. Took up the septhood in grief after his death.
    . . . . Lord Rhys Moorshead, their son and current Lord of Blackhorn.
    . . . . {Kellin Moorshead}, their second son and heir to Blackhorn. Murdered by assassins.
    . . . . {Brianna Moorshead}, their only daughter. Apparently lept to her death from a tower.
  • Ser Merik Moorshead, second son of Lord Jon. Known as the “Knight of the Ram” and the “Stranger”.
    . . {Shawna}: Merik’s wife. Died in childbirth with their stillborn son.
  • Lady Sharra Moorshead, born an Arryn of Gulltown, widow of Lord Jon. Known as “Old Shar” and “Queen of Horns”.


  • Joanna “Jonah”, squire of Ser Merik. Known as “Jonah the Brave” after posing as a mystery knight in a tournament. Actually Jhenna Heatherdale.
    . . Ser Tygor Wyl, her sworn sword. Last scion of his house.
  • {Rudolphus}, former maester of House Moorshead. Executed for sorcery and treason.
  • {Gwyn}, the maester before Rudolphus. Ether died of old age or was murdered for investigating Nolan’s death.
  • Ser Arry, captain of the guard at Blackhorn. Former sellsword.
    . . Nolan, his son and page.
  • Ser Artemis Turney. Castellan of Blackhorn in absence of Moorsheads. Kellin served as his squire.
  • Nicholas Rivers, won lordship of Blackhorn in Trial of Seven against his half-brother Rhys.
  • Septon Vickon, keeper of Blackhorn’s sept and library.
  • Ser {Archer Lannister of Lannisport}, Huntsman at Blackhorn. Murdered mysteriously at Hamlet Turney.
    . . Iva Hill, his wife.
  • Uncus, the spymaster
  • Valaera of Volantis, a pyromancer from the Alchemist’s Guild.
  • Ser Hallister, Master-At-Arms
  • Hop-Toad, fool and jester.
  • Ovine Wat, bard at Blackhorn.

Historical Members

- Lord {Jon Moorshead}, Founder of House Moorshead and builder of Blackhorn. Killed in a duel shortly before The Tourney at Harrenhal. Known as “Jon the Ram”.
. . {Palla}, his first wife. Died during the War of Ninepenny Kings.

House Moorshead

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