Chronicle of House Moorshead

Wedding Knight 04

The wedding occurs with only a few deaths.

Dear Ser Merik,

Velae Valaera is Helping me to spell. this

The Wedding was today. Lady Sha I wore the a dress. Caron Bowman won the Archer contest. Captain Arry placed 3 and Rhys 4 I reached round 4 of 7.

I I there I it Very I I had bad Green Dreams. I got Very sick but Mea MAESTER Sagan gave me medicine

I met Lord Darry your friend He was Very nice. his son paint a Waterfall shield. I saw lady Win We WHENT I am sad for her. M Lord Heatherdale was there also

There was a fine Melee as Nic came back he is the True born son of Lord Nolan with Lady Bracken. There was a Trail of the 7. Rhys wished to Knight me to fight for him but I said No. He Knighted Cicero!! Rhys fight Very well but Nic Lord Nicolas was stronger He wed Lady Iris instead of Rhys.

After there was a Feast Ser Symond thot think thogu SAID Vaelera’s direwolf insulted House Stark but I said we li serve the Tullys and still eat Fish and he smiled. A man named Tobbet said Get me a Drink. He did not like being called Tubby

The food was Very good I saved some for You. You can come Home now



WillOwen WillOwen

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